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KIXOperator Overview

Did you know, that increasing the availability by only 0.1 percent results in a tremendous improvement? It means that on a network of 1,000 self-service terminals 200 additional customer transactions per day are processed successfully.

Every single day millions of people use ATMs and other self-service terminals to carry out their banking transactions. Banks and their data processing centers work hard to provide reliable services for their customers. This leads to an increasing demand for information about the availability and the status of the self-service terminals.

The KIXOperator is a web-based software solution that allows a high-quality overview by offering detailed information about your ATM network - wherever, whenever. If problems occur during operation, numerous options are availabe for error analysis and error removal.

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Detailed Information

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Further Modules

KIXOperator Availability Reports
With the KIXOperator availability report, you get all statistical information about the availability and the causes of failure of all self-service devices per one click and you can group and sort these information in many different ways within your current used ATM management solution.

KIXOperator Distributor
For software distribution and updates, we offer our customers the KIXOperator Distributor. This system provides full control over software distribution in the ATM network.

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