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Our Software Solutions

As experts for self-service solutions we succeeded in taking a unique position in the software development market. We fulfill the individual as well as the very special requirements of financial institutions and their data processing centers with the quality and reliability of standard products. Our solutions are thousand-fold established, tried-and-tested and efficient.

With a turnkey ATM application called KIXCustomer SBS offers a real multivendor ATM application to the market. The SBS ATM application development platform KIXXtensions is designed for in house software development in the bank. ATM monitoring became a very important fact – due to a strong growth of the number of ATMs and major improvements in IP-networks. The SBS multivendor ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator is highly scalable and installed in small ATM networks with about 20 ATMs as well as in big networks with more than 20,000 terminals – multilingual and running independently from the ATM application.

Currently the KIX platform supports more than 140 different models of self-service terminals from the major ATM manufactures and is installed in more than 65,000 self-service terminals in Germany, Austria and further countries in EMEA. It covers the entire spectrum that is needed for the operation of modern ATM and teller solutions.

SBS supports XFS in its solutions and follows a clearly defined product strategy at the self-service area.
More about our strategy: KIXVision

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