A Success Story

since its foundation in 1988

30 years SBS

With the submission of the project "Cash withdrawal with the smartphone", we were named the winner of the Constantinus Award 2020 in the category "Information technology, standard software & cloud services" in autumn 2020.

SBS migrated tens of thousands of self-service devices in Austria and Germany to Windows 10 using the SBS platform. Great trust to the self-service solutions of SBS in Switzerland: 1'000 postomats of PostFinance has been successfully migrated to the operating system Windows 10, at the same time, the Swiss company implemented a new application. They decided to use the SBS multivendor ATM application KIXCustomer and combine it with the ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator.

With the new product KIXDesigner, fully integrated to KIXCustomer, SBS can now offer customers, such as banks, the best of both worlds: You can rise above the competition while still profiting from all the benefits and the efficiency of a standard solution. KIXDesigner is a tool that enables the self-service device operator to design the GUI individually.

During an amazing event in Vienna organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on June 24th 2019, Salzburger Banken Software received the Exporters Award 2019 in Bronze in the category “Information and Consulting”. SBS was awarded for the successful export of its software products to Germany, Switzerland and to countries in Eastern Europe and Middle East.

SBS has successfully migrated 5,400 self-service terminals of the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria to Windows 10.

All self-service cash machines of Finanz Informatik's Sparkassen and Landesbanken (with the exception of the standalone coin deposit devices) have been migrated to the multivendor software and are successfully operating with the SBS KIX platform.

We are proud that we have a big share in the success of ATMs in Europe based on our customer-oriented expertise and our own multivendor ATM solutions sind 30 years.

The year 2017 is a very special year, because 50 years ago the first ATM was going live. 2017 there are more than 3 million ATMs installed worldwide and new locations are equipped with an ATM each day.

Founding Salzburger Banken Software Schweiz GmbH SBS is now able to directly support projects in Switzerland.

Relaunch of the multivendor ATM management application KIXOperator.

An extension in the SBS ATM application KIXCustomer enables the consumers to do money transfers on a self-service device bases on QR-codes.

With the M-cash function Fiducia IT AG allows the customers of their banks to withdraw cash from the ATM in a cardless transaction by using their mobile banking application.
PSA Payment Services Austria installs the first NFC-enabled ATM in Austria. ATMs equipped with the SBS multivendor application KIXCustomer NFC allow cash withdrawals with contactless cards or NFC-enabled mobile devices with a virtual debit card called "Bankomatkarte mobil".

The ATM conference SBS Talks 2015 took place in Salzburg and more than 100 attendees from five nations informed themselves about new trends and innovations in the ATM industry. On the eve before the conference day SBS demonstrates several ATM show-cases in its lab in Salzburg. The participants were able to perform ATM cash withdrawals with contactless cards or mobile phones on an ATM equipped with the SBS multivendor ATM application and NFC technology. Another showcase allowed to use a palm vein scan instead of a PIN entry to authorize the ATM transaction.

At the end of 2014 nearly the complete fleet of 16,000 self-servcie terminals operated by GAD eG have been successfully migrated to the SBS multivendor application KIXCustomer.
In the same year also one of the oldest SBS customers Fiducia IT AG migrates its 23,000 self-service terminals to the SBS multivendor application KIXCustomer.
SBS enlarged its subsidiary in Linz and implemented a competence center for the optimization of ATM installation with the goal to improve the quality and the speed of the installation of ATMs and other self-service terminals.

The Qualitymanagement of SBS is now certified belong the ISO 9001 for 20 years. As a part of a grand cememony in Vienna SBS was given the award „20 years ISO 9001 certified from Quality Austria“.
Since the end of 2014 more than 18.000 ATMs in Germany are operated with the SBS multivendor solution. Therefore SBS continuously has to keep its products up-to-date, especially concerning the rules and regulations. In 2014 SBS adapted its ATM application KIXCustomer to the requirements of the latest version of the GA-Vereinbarung. Furthermore the SBS solution has been successfully certified for the four ATM vendors Wincor-Nixdorf, NCR, Keba and Diebold.

SBS signed a contract with GAD eG in Münster (Germany) to mirgrate the 16,000 ATMs, Cash-Recyclers, Statement Printers and Service Terminals to the SBS multivendor application KIXCustomer.
The KIXCustomer User Group was founded by SBS and its customers. The user group meets two times a year to discuss new releases of the SBS multivendor application KIXCustomer and future innovations in the self-service business.
SBS extended the multivendor application KIXCustomer with functions to enable cash withdrawal and balance inquiry on ATMs also for blind and visually impaired people.
SBS became member of the nexo workgroup which started to raise the communications protocol between the ATMs and the central switches to state-of-the-art standards based on ISO20022.

In June 2013 Salzburger Banken Software (SBS) invited to an international ATM conference in Salzburg. 160 participants from nine different countries, among them participants from Asia and Middle East, came to Salzburg to listen to the excellent presentations. Additionally in a small exhibition area some innovative self-service solutions were demonstrated. Furthermore ATM operators with a long-standing relationship to SBS from Austria and Germany informed the audience about the new functionality they are currently engaged.

3BankenEDV together with Oberbank, BTV and BKS decided to migrate all their self-service terminals to the SBS multivendor applikation KIXCustomer and the multivendor ATM management solution KIXOperator.
Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria now uses the multivendor solution KIXCustomer from SBS on its service terminals too.

The multivendor developing platform KIXXtensions of SBS already supports over 140 different self-service models from leading manufacturers. 2012 new devices were integrated and the platform was extended with some new functionalities. Furthermore SBS product KIXOperator, which was chosen to accompany the introduction of the new IBM PureSystems servers, was successfully extended and adapted to the IBM PureScale Enablement. KIXOperator was amongst the first applications in the IBM PureSystems Application Catalogue.Customers that choose IBM PureSystems may now enjoy the benefits of a simpler and most notably a faster installation of the server part of the KIXOperator.

SBS clients in Austria complete the migration to the ATM application KIXCustomer delivered by SBS. This leads SBS to a marktshare of more than 50 percent in the Austrian ATM software market.
More than 130 participants from nine different countries join the conference SBS Talks 2011 in Salzburg. SBS and some clients inform other clients and partners about the latest product and project developments with the multivendor product suite KIX.

The world's first ATM dispensing gold coins is monitored with the SBS KIXOperator.
In cooperation with FIDUCIA IT AG in Germany SBS delivers the first ATM management solution with a remote shut-down and revoke function so that power consumptions of ATMs that are not used during closing hours can be remotle unpluged from the electrical power.
Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria is installing their first ATMs running the complete KIX-platform from SBS.
We congratulate Paylife Bank to the successful PCI DSS certification, the first of its kind for ATMs in the European market.

SBS releases its turn-key ATM application KIXCustomer and its software solution against software attacks on the ATM called KIXProtect.
ARZ (Allgemeines Rechenzentrum) in Austria completes the successful roll-out of the KIXBranch to more than 700 branches of its banks.
Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria is starting a pilot with their first statement-printers running with the KIX-platform.
Paylife Bank Austria celebrates its first cash withdrawal transaction performed by the new software platform KIXCustomer delivered by SBS.
The ATM management and monitoring application KIXOperator goes on line at the first client in Romania.

ARZ (Allgemeines Rechenzentrum) in Austria starts with the roll-out of their new multivendor ATM solution based on the KIX platform.
Together with Raiffeisenverband Salzburg SBS introduces a state-of-the-art teller application to all the branches of Raiffeisen in Salzburg.
The ATM management and monitoring application KIXOperator goes on line at banks in Hungary.

EMV smart card support integrated in the agree SB multivendor ATM solution operated bei FIDUCIA IT AG.
First release of the SBS teller application platform KIXBranch delivered to clients in Austria.

More than 20,000 self-service terminals installed with agree SB at the cooperative banks in Germany operated by FIDUCIA IT AG.
More than 3,000 ATMs have been migrated to the new multivendor application for the Austrian bankomat based on the KIX platform.

On January 1st, 2005 Salzburger Banken Software starts its operational business in Germany. The first SBS location in Germany is Aschheim near Munich.
Cash-Recycling-Systems and Cash-In terminals have been integrated in the agree SB solution based on the multivendor products of SBS.

FIDUCIA IT AG starts rollout for agree SB. The solution runs on different statement printers and ATMs of vendors like Diebold, NCR and Wincor-Nixdorf.
Implementation of the prepaid top-up function for all outdoor ATMs in austria.
Implementation of the prepaid top-up function for ATMs at FIDUCIA IT AG.
Based on SBS KIX platform ARZ Innsbruck developes a graphics enabled statement printer solution.
SBS introduces the new SBS product KIXOPCam. With this product digital video capture devices can be supervised and the pictures can be loaded to a central site.

Development of the Chip Module supporting Austrian (Paychip) and international (EMV) smartcards
Development of a new solution for selfservice devices in the environment of FIDUCIA IT AG based on the KIX-platform
Development of a vendor independent solution for cash-in devices (SCin)

Integration of EMV-smartcard support in the Austrian bankomat solution

Integration of Wincor-Nixdorf ATMs in the Austrian bankomat system
Prepare Austrian bankomat solution for the Euro change
Integration of digital cameras in the Austrian bankomat solution
Implementation of the SBS standard solution for ATM monitoring using web technologies (KIXOperator)

Integration of NCR ATMs in the Austrian bankomat system
Implementation of an application developoment plattform for java based selfservice solutions.
Implementation of a multivendor selfservice solution for non cash terminals for the german savings banks supporting digital signed transactions based on Home Banking Computer Interface Standard (HBCI)

Implementation of the SBS multivendor solution KI/XFS for multifunctional terminals based on XFS
SBS joins the CEN/ISSS-J/XFS workgroup (Comité Européen de Normalisation / Information Society Standardization System - Extension for Financial Services)

Implementation of an internet banking solution for our customer ARZ in Innsbruck
SBS joins the CEN/ISSS-XFS workgroup (Comité Européen de Normalisation / Information Society Standardization System - Extension for Financial Services)

Implementation of a solution for internet terminals in the selfservice area
Lotus business partner

Implementation of a electronic purse load and unload transaction for Austrian bankomat system (Quick)

Implementation of a multivendor solution for balance printers and ATMs (KOLIBRI)

ISO 9001 certification

Implementation of a client-server-solution for ATMs (BNM) on behalf of IBM Germany

SBS office in Linz
Start of SBS activities in the Austrian bankomat business

Implementation of a standard solution for ATMs on behalf of IBM Germany.

Implementation of solutions for special banking self service devices.
Presentation of the Oberbank multifunction terminal at CEBIT (cash out, cash in, transfer, standing order and additional non cash banking transactions).

Implementation of a standard solution for IBM balance printers.
IBM business partner

Foundation in Salzburg
technical support and software development for financial customers for IBM 4700 Systems, PC Networks and banking peripherals.
Training classes for the IBM product "Financial Branch System Services" on behalf of IBM Austria and IBM Germany.

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