Successfully in use

KIXOperator in Kuwait

SBS increases market share in Kuwait to over 43%

Success Story

Once a market is established, it can be easy to keep looking for customers in that familiar area, but we are always on the look-out for expansion opportunities. Back in 2009, we decided to partner with an ATM provider in Kuwait to see where the journey east would take us.

SBS took on several projects that were relayed to us through our partner which we successfully completed. In late 2017, a Kuwaiti company decided to profit from the SBS software solutions through our partner as they needed a simpler solution to manage their ATM fleet.

This partnership resulted in reaching a market share of 43,5% in the ATM management sector in Kuwait.

With hundreds of ATMs and multiple software tools for managing said banking machines, our partner’s Kuwaiti customer had a large overhead in obtaining pertinent information about their cash machines. Additionally, transferring files to their ATM network was difficult due to using different tools. To make matters more problematic, these tools only supported one ATM vendor, which meant manually pulling information from other cash machines.

Izzet Ozan, EMEA Project Manager, Salzburger Banken Software

The rollout of the ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator to a large number of
self-service terminals is a critical project. Thanks to our many years of experience
and the cooperative partnership of all project members involved, the switch went smoothly and successfully.

The other software tools have since been removed in light of KIXOperator to create a cohesive product stack. Resources could be freed up and reapplied to other business critical areas. Over time, our partner’s customer has ordered 1,000 KIXOperator licenses to monitor as many ATM machines.

We are grateful for the trust the customer and our partner continue to place in us to make their businesses run smoother. Our journey east has come with promising opportunities and we are more excited than ever to see what is in store for us next.