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KIXOperator Distributor

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Additional options when combined with KIXOperator ATM management:

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Overview KIXOperator Distributor

For fully remote installation of ATM networks, we developed the KIXOperator Distributor.

By using this software tool, which has been already used thousands of times in the field, you are able to remotely migrate and reinstall devices, including the hardware manufacturer's operating system and device drivers. Of course, software updates are also supported.

With the KIXOperator Distributor you can, for example, migrate thousands of self-service devices to Windows 10 in a short time or install the latest Windows patches. The otherwise required deployments of service technicians can be significantly reduced, although our product also supports new installations on site. The modular system can also be individually customized to your device installation needs.

KIXOperator Distributor delivers a hardened Windows operating system - out of the box - that improves the security concept of your self-service devices.

In addition, we support the protection of self-service devices against threat scenarios with further security features. This is becoming increasingly important in view of the growing number of attacks. The features are based on Windows onboard resources and are, for example, the integration of Microsoft Bitlocker for hard disk encryption, the protection of USB devices or the possibility to set up a firewall for outbound traffic. Our security team will be happy to plan the optimal security solution to suit your requirements.

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© Luigi Caputo

Success Stories: KIXOperator Distributor successfully in action

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The modular system can also be tailored to the installation requirements of your device, as required.

If you are interested and are looking for further information or advice to the SBS product KIXOperator Distributor, our experts are available to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@sbs.co.at or by phone on +43 662 87 10 33 0.