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Besides ongoing projects with new customers in the region Germany-Austria-Switzerland, there are already a large number of successful clients from different regions.

Selection of SBS Customers, Austria

Selection of SBS Customers, Germany

Selection of international SBS Customers

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SBS Partnerships

Excellent software development requires excellent partners.

SBS is a member of several working groups that define ATM or other self-service terminals standards. In addition, SBS is technology partner of various card organizations as well as ATM and self-service device vendors. SBS is also a partner of infrastructure providers.

Working Groups

Card Schemes

ATM & Self-Service Terminal Vendors

Infrastructure Providers

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30 years of experience

From the very beginning in 1988 SBS had a focus on the development of multivendor solutions for banks. The first SBS multivendor solution was used to run self-service statement printers and ATMs in Austria at the beginning of the nineties.

Over the years there was a migration from DOS to OS/2 and in the second half of the nineties SBS supported the vendors Bull, Diebold, IBM, NCR and Wincor Nixdorf in the Austrian Bankomat ATM network with a single application for different ATMs – a big advantage for the network provider!

The next big step in developing solutions for self-service terminals was the migration to Windows that started by the end of the nineties. Parallel to this XFS became an important standard for supporting the multiple devices inside an ATM, and the CEN institute became the hosting organisation for the XFS workgroup in 1998 with SBS as one of its first members.

SBS decided from the very beginning to support XFS in its solution portfolio following the design principles of the so called KIXVision in which the ATM application is strictly separated from the ATM monitoring and management tasks.
With a turnkey ATM application called KIXCustomer SBS offers a real multivendor ATM application to the market. The SBS ATM application development platform KIXXtensions is designed for in house software development in the bank.

ATM monitoring became a very important fact – due to a strong growth of the number of ATMs and major improvements in IP-networks. The SBS multivendor ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator is highly scalable and installed in small ATM networks with about 20 ATMs as well as in big networks with more than 20,000 terminals – multilingual and running independently from the ATM application.

Currently the KIX platform supports more than 140 different models of self-service terminals from the major ATM manufactures and is installed in more than 65,000 self-service terminals in different countries.

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