Successful Certification

Contactless Payment Function for Girocard

GBIC's first approval for NFC on ATMs for Girocard

More Freedom for ATM Operators

At the beginning of 2020, the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC, in German: Deutsche Kreditwirschaft), published the ATM agreement with contactless transactions. The contactless process builds on the EMV specification for the Mastercard kernel and adds numerous functionalities to it. For example, a second tap can be used to transfer data to the card after online authorization in order to reset the PIN counter on the card. There is also greater freedom for ATM operators in selecting one of several applications on a card and the terminal kernel used to run it.

In 2020, SBS developed a Girocard kernel as an extension for KIXCLC, which is currently used in several pilot projects at various customers in Germany.

In the meantime, SBS was able to achieve the following official GBIC approvals and certifications of the Girocard kernel:

This makes SBS the first company in Germany to successfully achieve official approval by the German Banking Industry Committee for an ATM with contactless payment function for Girocard.

Many thanks and congratulations to all who contributed to the positive success of this project.


KIXCLC is a multivendor software component for performing contactless transactions in accordance with the EMV® standard. KIXCLC can be used with NFC readers in so-called transparent mode (eg Feig CPR74) or in individual mode. In individual mode, part of the EMV® logic is executed in the NFC reader itself.

For detailed information on using KIXCLC in the configuration of your choice, please contact!

Success Story: Successful Certification - Contactless Payment Function for Girocard by the GBIC 03/23