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KIXCustomer Overview

With our product KIXCustomer we provide our customers with a customized standard ATM application which covers the typical requirements of the ATM system. Customized standard applications have the advantage of a mature, proven standard product that contains SBS experience gained from countless projects. KIXCustomer is based on the SBS multivendor developing platform KIXXtensions and thereby profits from the robustness of a solution that has been used thousands of times.

Currently KIXCustomer supports more than 140 self-service device models of different device manufacturers. KIXCustomer offers all well-known bank-specific business transactions and can be extended to include additional customer-specific business transactions as required by the customer.

The existence of numerous interfaces guarantees a simple integration of external systems. Remotely monitor the software with KIXOperator. For remote software distribution and updates we offer the KIXOperator Distributor, which enables full control over the software distribution in the ATM network.

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Transaction Types

Specific ATM Functionalities

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Flexible and individually customizable

It was our aim from the very beginning to have software that's easily adaptable to individual customer requirements. For example the user interface can be tailored to be in-line with the corporate identity of a company in just a few steps. Likewise it is possible to adapt to different ATM switches. KIXCustomer also supports the ISO8583 protocol. Individual central processes, applications and interfaces which already exist in the customers company and have proven themselves or might be costly to replace can be kept in operation. The modular architecture of KIXCustomer offers the possibility to exchange these central processes, applications and interfaces at a later point. This enables a gentle migration into a new software architecture, following the KIX architecture which separates transaction business completely from system management starting in the ATM.

Professional & uncomplicated project handling

Next to the actual software product KIXCustomer, a key factor to success is the accompanying developing process which guarantees that the customer requirements are met optimally. Here our customers benefit from our experience of many years in handling ATM projects. It is a matter of course that we also offer support for our customers when introducing KIXCustomer. We can provide accompanying services, ranging from requirements analysis to rollout support.

Automatic tests guarantee highest quality

We don’t leave the quality of our software to chance. KIXCustomer continuously undergoes systematic tests. Regular quality control and more than 9,000 automated tests that run over night ensure that KIXCustomer meets the high requirements of your customers at all times.

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