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SBS can draw from an immense pool of experience in the field of highly secure banking software - and is now, equipped with new ideas, going one step further to venture into completely new business areas and current trends such as medication supply in the mobile sectors - the interaction and interdisciplinarity between the industries is the key to success!(Dr. Christian Baumgartner, Geschäftsführer, MEDventuro)

Due to the time constraints, the Windows 10 migration of the self-service devices was a critical project that was implemented without any problems and rolled out without any disruptions for the banks and their customers.(Andreas Diemt, Product Manager, Raiffeisen Informatik, source)

The KIXOperator Distributor complements our business processes very well. With the same employee efforts, rollouts can be finished much faster by reducing the installation process.(David Ostah, CEO, PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH, source)

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Don't hesitate to contact me - I'll be your consulting partner. I take your request seriously and communicate with the SBS sales and technical teams for you.