innovative self-service architecture

cost reduction through
cloud-based ATM solutions

secure software solutions
for ATMs and other self-service devices

Cloud-based ATM solutions

ATM operators have been faced for decades with costly hardware upgrades to their self-service devices on a regular basis every few years. Triggers for these hardware upgrades are usually the switching to a new version of the Windows operating system. With the change of the operating system older processor generations in PCs, which are installed in the ATM, are no longer supported and must, therefore, be upgraded with a newer processor generation. Changing to a newer version of the Windows operating system will be necessary because Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for older versions of Windows after a defined time.

SBS solution approach

The SBS approach proposes that future ATM architectures will provide for a strict separation between the ATM-specific hardware and the customer's process control or business logic. That means, SBS implements a decoupling of its ATM solution from the ATM hardware so that the SBS solution can be used on other computer systems and / or other operating systems that enable secure operation more easily and without hardware upgrades. The decoupling can be done in different variants.

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