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Integrated into the standard ATM application

Overview KIXDesigner

The KIXDesigner is a tool that enables the self-service device operator to design the GUI individually. With the KIXDesigner, fully integrated to KIXCustomer, SBS can now offer customers, such as banks, the best of both worlds: You can rise above the competition while still profiting from all the benefits and the efficiency of a standard solution.

The entire “look and feel” of the managed self-service devices can be designed by using an intuitive graphic user interface. The new GUI design can then be rolled out to selected or all self-service devices. The self-service device operator can very easily make the required adjustments to the graphical user interface using the simple environment.

If a self-service operator commissions SBS today to implement a new self-service solution, the graphical user interface is implemented as an HTML GUI. Thanks to a large number of configuration options in the SBS HTML GUI, the KIXDesigner can be used to create a harmonious look and feel on the self-service device.

Changes to this GUI in the KIXDesigner are automatically available in a live preview. In this preview window you can see the real software status of the GUI, as a functional self-service application is running in the background. This reacts in real time to design changes and offers an exact preview of the set design.

The adjustments made in KIXDesigner can then be transferred to all or a selection of end devices via a simple terminal assignment, without any system tests, software releases or software rollouts. In addition, a standard design can be specified and used as a basis for further configuration.

The SBS KIXDesigner, integrated in KIXCustomer, can only be used in combination with the ATM standard application. The KIXDesigner can also be optimally integrated into the SBS ATM management solution KIXOperator.

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The main configuration options:

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SBS is currently working on many other possible use cases of an individualized user interface and the innovative use of self-service devices to target thousands of end users. In addition to the usual functions, the self-service device offers a digital surface, from which end users can get in touch with banks. Using this point of contact from bank to customer for customized and target group oriented advertising measures is the focus of the development of SBS, about we will inform you later.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. We can organise a personal presentation or provide consultation for KIXDesigner. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. You can reach us by email at or by phone on +43 662 87 10 33 0.