Successful Certification

MasterCard and VISA
contactless transactions

according to the EMV® Standard

Successful Certification

Since July 2018 KIXCLC has been certified by MasterCard and Visa to handle contactless transactions at the ATM according to the EMV® standard.

Already in 2015, SBS launched efforts to become certified under the EMV® standard for contactless transactions at ATMs. Strict specifications of payment schemes (such as VISA and MasterCard), which come from the POS area and also apply to ATMs, require comprehensive testing to ensure compliance with these requirements.

SBS has taken on this challenge and was able to complete, with the support of Keba, MasterCard and Visa, the required test procedures successfully. KIXCLC can now be used on KEBA devices with the Feig CPR74 NFC reader worldwide for the implementation of contactless transactions.

Among others, the following test procedures are necessary for the approval:


KIXCLC is a multivendor software component for performing contactless transactions in accordance with the EMV® standard. KIXCLC can be used with NFC readers in so-called transparent mode (eg Feig CPR74 see above) or in individual mode. In individual mode, part of the EMV® logic is executed in the NFC reader itself.

For detailed information on using KIXCLC in the configuration of your choice, please contact!